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Speaker & Author

Parenting Coach

Mother of 8

The Peak Parenting; A Guided Path as You Prepare For Starting a Family

Become confident and sound stepping into your parenting journey through a step-by-step process that will leave you transformed.

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Chanie Twersky is a dynamic speaker and inner child expert. She is the visionary founder of the Peak Parenting Academy, envisioning a new tradition in parenting. She is a mother to eight and grandmother to fourteen, with a profound journey through multiple adversities which led her to a higher calling into deep transformation for herself and others.


Interior Designer & Mom of 5

Your work moved a lot of blockages in me. It opened up a new space to embrace more truth. I loved the process; it was healing in a fun and experiential way. I actually could feel the strong movement of growth.

- C.K. Monsey, NY

Health Educator & Mom of 2

I’ve done many many modalities for inner child work – but nothing was as complete and freeing as this program. The work is an investment that pays up for a lifetime

- Yael

Mom of Blended Large Family

My adult son moved back in with me unexpectedly. I was not ready for it. Your work helped me channel it into and opportunity. When he found his own place I was sad. My relationship with him has deepened and transformed! Thanks so much, Chanie!

- Raquel K.

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