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Learn what it is unique about you and how you want to parent, how to master the skills in overcoming your past traumas and feel empowered rather than reactive and have all the practical tools and guidance you need so that you can feel sound, grounded, and confident into stepping into your parenting journey.

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Getting married on my 18th birthday, without ever meeting my new partner till that day; as per the prestigious lineage I was born into and the high-profile family I married to, we jointly attracted over 7,000 people to our wedding. I started off my parenting journey with wonderful intentions though very ill equipped. My unhappiness with this arranged marriage was something I hid tightly. And gradually I lost touch with the parenting style I promised myself before I became a mom. I suffered in silence while giving birth to 8 outstanding beings.

My awakening came after I had my 8thbaby. And when I realized I must take steps to leave the marriage, I had an immensely delicate path to cross.

In the last 18 years, I have embarked on what has turned out to be the liberation of my “Self” and thus the reclamation of my parenting promise I vowed to myself before my wedding.

These 18+ years and 10,000+ hours of inner healing, coaching, and apprenticing with leading edge masters, I am gifting you my vision, the education, and a practical guide to prepare you for your parenting journey before you even conceive your child.

I can tell a stark difference now in how I am with my younger children in comparison to how I parented when I was young and trapped in my ignorance, childhood wounds, and an unhappy marriage.

Here is some of what you will learn in this book:

  • How To Become So Crystal Clear on Your Family Vision That No Comments Can Faze You

  • How To Master your inner world so that you go from being reactive to becoming a solid rock for your children to grow up emotionally healthy.

  • How To Prepare Logistically for Taking the Leap!

The step-by-step process in this book are Deep, Transformative, and Simple, it is the gift most parents think: “ I wish I had this before I had my children”. If you go through the book, implement one step at a time, and then keep at it, your life will change inevitably. Your parenting will become the greatest joy in your life.


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