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Here, at the Peak Parenting Academy, we offer a guided path for prospective parents to prepare for starting a family.

Our Proven SpiritBody IQ™ System has changed Hundreds of personal lives and families. You can do this too.

  • Overcoming Hidden Struggles

  • Navigating Deeper Healing & Breaking Generational Patterns

  • Joining The Parenting Prep Journey: A Guided Path as you Prepare for Confident and Peaceful Parenthood

Crystal Clear Family Dreams and Visions

Strengthening/Preserving Your Relationship

Pain-Free Healing Transformation Process

Couple struggling

Overcoming Hidden Struggles of Prospective Parents

Spiritually aware and professional couples or individuals who feel lost at the thought of starting a family.

Who suffer secretly from unresolved childhood pain. Leaving them questioning their competence or readiness to a peak level family that fosters a nurturing, healthy environment.

They feel disheartened by the parenting styles they witness in their own family members or in others in society, which don't resonate with their advanced vision of family life.

Navigating Healing & Conscious Preparation

They know they want something different but are unsure how to achieve it.

As Forward-thinking Individuals, they recognize the necessity of a holistic approach that addresses not only the practical aspects of starting a family but also their emotional and spiritual dimensions.

They must transform their fears into confidence and their pain into wisdom, and that is possible with the right guidance. They can transition from uncertainty to clarity and from past traumas to emotional resilience, laying the groundwork for a family culture where both parents and children thrive.

Man receiving his healing
Enlightened Soon to be Parents

The Parenting Prep Journey:

A Pathway to Enlightened Parenthood

The Parenting Prep Journey is our signature offering at Peak Parenting Academy, uniquely crafted to address the multifaceted challenges faced by aspiring parents.

We've meticulously designed a comprehensive, five-phase program that not only help you discover your innermost family dreams but also equips you with the tools to overcome personal barriers.

This comprehensive journey unfolds through a five-phase program, tailored to help transform the conventional approach to starting a family.

The result? You emerge not just as a parent, but as a confident, empowered creator of a loving and conscious family legacy.

Expect a profound transformation – from uncertainty and apprehension to a state of readiness and excitement towards the enriching journey of parenthood.

Receive the Transformation You're Looking For

Transform from feeling uncertain and wishy-washy about your family plans into a well-defined family dream vision. Solidify your love relationship for a resilient parenting team. Master your inner child healing and develop yoru intuitive parental gifts.

Our Coaching Package comes with:

Transformational Course;

5-phase Journey:

  • Family Clarity Blueprint:

    Crystalizing your unique family dream where others’ comments won’t faze you.

  • Relationship Reinforcement Formula:

    Fortify your love relationship and lay the joint foundation for your children.

  • SpiritBody IQ Mastery:

    Receive Thorough knowledge on your inner realm. Navigate your emotions and inner family with flow, overcoming past trauma and reactivity.

  • Logistical Family Preparation Process:

    Uncovering all the steps and preparing deliberately for a well-prepared transition to parenthood.

  • Conscious Support Optimization:

    Find the people who support your vision. Developing your discernment, boundaries, and ease with asking for help.

Additional Bonuses:

  • High Touch Mentoring:

    Weekly Personalized guidance and help with the application of the course material.

  • Bonus Acceleration Workshops

    Quarterly 2-day Intensives to help superspeed the process and help you move closer to your dream family much faster.

  • Dedicated Team:

    Organized system and easy access to ongoing support or troubleshooting.

  • Like minded Community:

    Uncovering all the steps and preparing deliberately for a well-prepared transition to parenthood.

  • Fun, Creativity, and a lot more...

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